Attention Insight

Attention insight: Data-driven tool for insightful UI designs

Haptic feedback from users is necessary to ensure that the website/marketing campaign is a success when it gets launched. But the time and investment that is required in gaining users/feedback might not suffice to many. Attention insight is one company that offers a pre-analytical tool that provides haptic feedback on improving design performance. 

Attention Insight

With its AI-based tool that has an accuracy of depicting 90% accurate visual heatmaps, it’s easier to compare multiple data-driven designs and curate the best possible layout and format. Thus, Venture Mirror, a small chat with Darius Jokubaitis, CMO, at Attention insight to shed some light on the work about the company and product.  

What is the startup/product? Give us a brief description of it.

Attention Insight is a quick, private, and scalable pre-launch analytics tool for marketing campaign testing that enables marketers and design teams to improve design performance. This AI-based tool efficiently assesses design element visibility with 90% accurate heatmaps (Proved by MIT) without data collection.

It enables A/B testing in the design creation phase. Marketers can easily compare multiple designs, see which objects perform the best, and, together with the design team, improve desired KPI’s. Design and UI/UX teams can implement user testing in minutes, see how users would respond to different layouts, and make data-driven design decisions

How many co-founders are there? Please introduce them and their backgrounds.

Kamilė Jokubaitė, the CEO of Attention Insight. A marketer with more than ten years of experience and technology geek. She is building and maintaining a strong brand vision, team, and growth strategy. 

Mindaugas Mejeras is the CTO and technical lead. Mindaugas designs a top-level tech strategy and continually explores new tools and technologies to improve development efficiency and product quality.

Attention Insight

Darius Jokubaitis is the CMO. Also, he is a marketer with a background in Digital communication. Darius has experience developing brands, advertising, promotion, PR, pricing, customer service strategies, which he implements with a team or with freelancers.

Ieva Vaišnoraitė-Navikienė is our AI expert. She is a researcher with a background in eye tracking and biophysics. Working on the Attention Insight data analysis system and web platform.

How did you come up with the idea? What motivated you to do this?

Firstly, as marketing professionals, we understand market needs. User-centric design is key to all communication campaign success. User research enables companies and marketers to distinguish users and implement user-centric design decisions. However, the majority of communication campaigns and websites need to launch as soon as possible, so, therefore, there is no time, and sometimes budget for it. 

As a result, Attention Insight had the ambition to bring user feedback to all businesses in one click. It enables them to experiment in Human actions & reactions to specific design elements that have strong patterns. After analyzing 30’800+ eye-tracking study results, we were able to simulate human behavior. Eventually, we could use those human-action patterns as predictions on further experiments with the accuracy of 90%+.

Who is your target market? Why do you think your product will appeal to them?

Attention Insight is working with clients globally. Mostly they are centered in Western Europe. We are working with marketing and design teams. 

Marketers use our tool to run instant A/B testing and improve KPIs of their websites and marketing materials.

Design and UI/UX teams – for user testing in minutes, which instantly enables them to test their hypothesis and iterate different design layouts.

Who are your competitors? How are you different from them? 

Traditional eye-tracking research. However, eye-tracking research requires specific hardware, user involvement, time, and resource-intensive service. All research companies are looking for ways to optimize the process. Therefore, they could potentially become partners as data providers. 

Mouse tracking tools, such as Hotjar or Crazyegg. The biggest downfall of this approach is a lack of insights on actual user attention – since it only provides information on mouse movement. Also, it can only be used after the launch of a website. It requires the installation of code on a client’s site and provides data on mouse movements but does not give information on user viewing patterns or behavior. 

The main competitive advantage of Attention Insight – it can be used during website development/prototyping. The AI tool does not require the involvement of users and provides insights into consumer eye movements. 

What are the future plans with the product/startup? Any new features you are planning on?

We just released our Chrome extension that enables marketers to get instant results in their browser; we’re planning to continue growing our product and user base exponentially.

We’re going to expand to testing out of home campaigns and videos, so we’re able to offer ultimate all in one campaign testing solution.

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