Swipestack: Not Letting Algorithms Dictate

We often hear social media influencers and content creators criticize the social media algorithm as their posts and content fail to pop up on their followers’ feed. This limits and handicaps creators who work hard to put out their content. It isn’t just the case of influencers, many people miss out on the posts of their close friends because the content was not ‘engaging’ enough. Swipestack is a social network that works to rectify this hitch.

Swipestack is a ‘Made in India’ social network for everyone that’s had enough of social media algorithms. It is all about making sure you don’t miss out on your friend’s update just because it was not ‘engaging’ enough. Swipestack, as the name suggests, involves swiping through a stack of content as contrary to the media feeds and timelines we have on other social media. It is a network that works towards the freedom to engage and interact with everyone you’re following without a complicated algorithm.

What is the startup/product about? Give us a brief description of it.

Swipestack is an engaging Image, Video, and Microblogging social network.

How many co-founders are there? Please introduce them and their backgrounds. If there are multiple co-founders, please mention how did you meet one another

There are three founders. All three of us met on an online portal and we collaborated instantly based on the idea of our service.

Shubhay Joshua, Engineer with a passion for building businesses.
Chetan Gaikwad, Senior Android Developer with a passion for everything tech.
Karan Ginimav, Senior Software developer and Photography enthusiast

How did you come up with the idea? What motivated you to do this?

I have a lot of people who are mid-size authentic content creators online. The one complaint they always had is that they are losing the engagement or not getting engagements like before even though they have been posting and working hard on their media presence. Also, being a follower of them, I noticed that most of the times I won’t be seeing my close associate’s posts in the newsfeed. If I’m lucky I can check their post out through the stories they post. That’s when it hit me, what used to be the cherry on the cake for social media, the engagements are not as it used to be. The content we see in our social media accounts are dictated and decided by their algorithm for us. To solve this issue, I envisioned a newsfeed that will be the same in purpose, but it’ll maximize the engagements. That’s how the re-invented newsfeed aka Swipestack came into existence.

Who is your target market? Why do you think your product will appeal to them?

My target audience is the younger demographics who are much more interested in making their connections engaging and casual. The influencers, content creators in this demographic will be pleased that their work won’t be ignored by anyone of their followers.

What are the future plans with the product/startup? Any new features you are planning on?

We have two plans at the moment, and we are working on both of them at the same time. The plan A is to bring our service to 2020 in terms of features. As we are bootstrapping, we are developing features one at a time and we need the features of the app to be of standard 2020. And the plan B is to innovate the way people use social network app and make their time spent on the platform worthwhile.

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