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SEO is dying because of AI. What can marketers do?

As AI changes the way people search, old SEO methods are no longer useful. But can you get ChatGPT to mention your service in their responses? Yes, you can.

Traditional SEO is dying. It’s no longer a secret. As more and more people search for answers in ChatGPT and other LLMs, marketers, and SEO agencies are losing sleep over how to keep up.

A recent article by Fortune talked about how Google and other AI tech companies are going to make the $68 billion search industry extinct. Startups and even large corporations are experiencing business losses due to a decline in impressions resulting from reduced searches. SEO optimization techniques are not helping anymore.

As one founder says

We are a software company that sells softwares to startups. We used to get most of our signups from search ads. But now, people don’t search on Google, so they don’t get to see our ads. It has reduced our signups significantly

What’s the problem?

  • More and more people are searching for answers in ChatGPT and other LLMs than in search.
  • People have reduced searching for answers in Google, leading to a decline in Google ads’ effectiveness.
  • A decrease in Google ads impressions leads to fewer clicks, ultimately resulting in fewer conversions.

What can marketers do? How to solve this?

Imagine owning a Japanese restaurant in New York City. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if ChatGPT recommended your restaurant to customers seeking the best sushi in NYC?

Can we make ChatGPT and other LLMs mention our businesses in their responses?

Yes, you can implement certain strategies to increase the likelihood of ChatGPT mentioning your business in its responses. The best practices are based on the sources from which LLMs train their data. These LLMs actively gather information from a wide range of sources, including Reddit, multimedia content, and data sources beyond the text-based internet.

What are these ChatGPT optimization strategies?

Want to get your website mentioned in ChatGPT responses? Our ebook, “ChatGPT Optimization: How to Get Your Website Mentioned in ChatGPT Responses,” provides in-depth guidance on:

  • Decoding ChatGPT: Understanding data sources of ChatGPT
  • Reddit’s Influence on ChatGPT mentions
  • Beyond Text: Multimedia Content and ChatGPT
  • Books, Legends and Speculation about other sources
  • Data sources beyond the text-based internet

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