XVG voice life wireless charging

How XVG is making wireless charging a reality with VoiceLife

XVG or the verge currency is one of the most popular crypto currencies in the world. XVG was formed as a fork from DogeCoin as was initially called DogeCoinDark. Yes, the same DogeCoin that Elon Musk famously says he was the CEO of.

In a recent development, XVG partnered with Voice Life to bring wireless charging to consumers. Demonstrated at CES 2021, the biggest consumer tech event in the world, it showed how using XVG as a currency you can wirelessly charge your phone using the VoiceLife patented technology.

This is a path breaking achievement and XVG has showed that it’s blockchain is both robust and secure. Currently the price of XVG is still at a lower end but is expected to go higher up with more adoption. There couldn’t have been a better time to buy XVG.

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