Timestripe is a unique planner with flexible time frames that allows you to think strategically

Controlling time and ensuring that tasks are completed within the given deadlines is one of the hardest things. There are so many factors that might affect the smooth operation of task competition, but if there were a time management tool that could help, it would be helpful. While there are, there is nothing compared to Timestripe, which is unique and different in its perspective. 

Timestripe is a task management tool that helps the user in completing tasks in the best possible scenario. It’s all about the user interface, how the user creates the tasks and executes them. Its addicting as things can be arranged in the best possible scenario, and there are many customization options to help accomplish these tasks. Speaking with Sergey Kulinkovich, the co-founder of Timestripe, Venture Mirror learnt a lot about the company, and a brief excerpt of the conversation is provided as follows.  

What is the startup / product / venture about? Give us a brief description of it.

Timestripe as a next-gen time management and productivity tool for business and personal use. We are building a space where people take back control of their time and organize everything with skill. At Timestripe people create and share their plans, workflows, notes, lists and step-by-step guides helping each other achieve great results in whatever they want.

How many co-founders are there? Please introduce them and their backgrounds.

Timestripe is developed and maintained by a group of friends who share a zest for life and an obsession with design and technology.There are three co-founders at Timestripe:
Anatoly Burov, Andrew Maykov and Sergey Kulinkovich.

Anatoly has a strong background in tech with a huge experience in building scalable digital products. Andrew’s passion and superpower is design and Sergey is focused on making things happen.

Originally, we are all designers and each of us has many years of experience in creating beautifully crafted digital products. User experience is our area of expertise. In addition, we are fans of productivity and are constantly looking for ways to live a more efficient and meaningful life.

How did you come up with the idea? What motivated you to do this?

It all started when one of us accidentally scrolled a mobile phone Calendar far beyond the 2100s. Just seeing this on the screen and realising that these days are surely to come and we are not to participate — this really does the trick of putting the present moment into perspective.

So we decided to create an interactive lifetime calendar, based on the user’s birth date and average life expectancy. The idea was to help people realize the finiteness of life and motivate them to start doing what is really important.

After a while we discovered that there were plenty of people using this tool on a daily basis. (Even though the product was poor & underdeveloped at the time). It was a clear signal for us. Proof that it’s not just us who see the value in this product.

We have realized that Time is the king. Time is the basis of everything. So creating the perfect tool for managing things with an eye on time will definitely do a lot of good for people, helping them achieve more in life and get the results they deserve.

Who is your target market? Why do you think your product will appeal to them?

We are building Timestripe to help people become more productive & stay focused on what matters. Our target audience are those people who need to get their life organized with skill. And that’s a significant part of all the adults on Earth.

Creating a list of goals is just not enough to achieve them. It’s the path to the goal that matters. That’s why conventional productivity tasks/goals/project management tools in many cases don’t work well over the long haul. Timestripe helps people with figuring out what goals have to be reached today to achieve desired results tomorrow.

The idea is to help people break down complex undertakings into small steps and distribute them over the days in such a way that it is convenient and easy for a team or a person to achieve results by making small steps in the right direction day by day.

The goal achievement process is closely tied to the flow of time. Long-term goals are achieved if they are properly structured and time-bound. This idea is embedded in the product DNA.

The majority of people have similar goals. Almost everyone wants to have a happy, healthy and joyful life, travel a lot, learn new things, earn money, meet interesting people, read books, etc. So we can not only provide people with a tool to set these goals, but also help them follow their chosen path more effectively by equipping them with resources adapted to these scenarios (templates, lists, guides, community).

We’ve received hundreds of tremendously positive messages from our grateful users from people all over the globe. So we hear a strong signal from the Universe to keep building Timestripe.

Who are your competitors? How are you different from them?

One can say Timestirpe is a kind of calendar × to-do list app on steroids but there is so much more than that. Timestripe is most often ranked on a par with Todoist and Notion. Trello is a good reference as well.

Timestripe is not just a Calendar nor a pure note-taking App. It’s not only about UI and features. We believe that user curated content will play a significant role in the value of the product.

What are the future plans with the product/startup? Any new features you are planning on?

With each new release, Timestripe takes over new “territories”, helping people solve increasingly diverse problems. We’ve greatly improved product’s note-taking features lately, making Timestripe one of the most convenient tools for creating and organizing notes. Our next step is to focus on day-time management features to help people manage their time more even more clearly throughout the day.

We have a public roadmap (build with Timestripe huh): https://timestripe.com/boards/h6t82E4T/public/

We see great potential in developing features for effective live collaboration on Timestripe  (project management, educational programs and the workflows for step-by-step onboarding). Giving people the opportunity to make things happen together using Timestripe looks super promising.

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