Merge Mega provides solutions to unanswered questions on 1:1 scheduled video calls with experts.

In today’s technology centric world where innovation and advancements are being made on every forefront, people have it going easy for them as they have surplus solutions online no matter what the problem. It’s where businesses and companies can find respective solutions to their problems within an instant. However, the same doesn’t apply to individuals or budding startups looking for expert guidance. There’s a huge gap between those who have answers and those looking for such answers for their questions. To bridge this gap is where the role of Merge Mega comes into effect. 

Merge Mega is a platform that helps individuals and companies find relevant answers to their questions by a one-on-one video call to answer all questions possible by experts. It’s where an individual can come on the same platforms and connect with clients, experts, and other professionals from various fields to answer their questions then and there rather than waiting on a community forum to have them answered after decades. Speaking with Peter Mkhize, the CEO & Founder of Merge Mega, Venture Mirror learned a lot about the company. For the same, the interview conducted is provided below.   

What is the startup / product / venture about? Give us a brief description of it.

Merge Mega is a video platform that provides solutions to unanswered questions.
Questions are answered through videos and solutions are presented by experts on 1:1 scheduled video calls.

Our mission is to help people harness their full potential. It’s a big vision, perhaps an impossible one that some may not understand at first, but we are relentlessly creating a global community of growth that enables businesses to develop a more sustainable meaningful relationship with their customers.

And during that journey questions will be asked, problems will be challenged but that is why through Merge Mega questions will be answered and solutions will be presented

How many co-founders are there? Please introduce them and their backgrounds.

I am the only founder of Merge Mega.
When I started out I couldn’t afford to hire a tech co-founder so I had to teach myself  how to code and design.
It wasn’t easy because I had digital marketing projects from clients that had to be completed while I was working on this idea. But I knew what I wanted to do in terms of the design, the frontend and backend so I taught myself how to code.

Sales and digital marketing is what I’m great at.
I’m working on  expanding the company  but I’m very strict about who joins Merge Mega.

I think it is important to build a strong company culture. That’s why I’ve been very selective about who joins the team.

How did you come up with the idea? What motivated you to do this?

While I was working with a client I noticed that people were asking questions but were not getting answers. So I conducted a research to figure out how many questions were left unanswered online for businesses. The results came, and I was shocked to see that about 2 million people had unanswered questions, problems that businesses could be solving.

I figured that we can maybe develop a life coach and mentor marketplace. I shared that idea with my client with the hope to start the venture together but unfortunately life quickly took a different turn, which caused us to go our different ways. Even though we worked extremely well together and with her team, she had to slow things down and reinvent herself. But before going our separate paths she connected me to another company which is where I learnt that people don’t just need life coaches and mentors. They need expert support that is most engaging. 

And that is how it was born, the idea of a video platform that provides solutions to unanswered questions.

Who is your target market? Why do you think your product will appeal to them?

We provide value for customers that have questions about health & fitness, business, education and entertainment  by connecting them with the most suitable brands.

This makes it easy for businesses to get new customers, gain market insights and monetise engagement through videos and booking systems.

Businesses gain new customers, acquire market insight  from their selected industries within Merge Mega and we make it easy for them to scale in a safe, global competitive growth community platform.

Who are your competitors? How are you different from them?

GrowthMentor ( and Superpeer ( ). Both of these platforms provide mentoring support for users and work closely with influencers and industry experts but in no way do they reflect the best solutions for mentorship and for those businesses that are working with them. 

GrowthMentor is the type of website that anyone with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection can build if they just put some time and effort into it, with a little investment of $5 000. All it has is just a list of experts. What is even worse is they take advantage of users that are in need of support by making them overpay for a service they can get for better value on Merge Mega ( The experts that are on the  platform don’t have the opportunity to gain real insight that could help them with their business and career. 

Superpeer is truly something else but they also lack unique user experience. The influencers are given the opportunity to make decent profits and get booked through that website but that’s it. And can’t you already do that with Zoom?

Merge Mega is the game changer. It’s a tool that every business should use.
This is what makes us great: Merge Mega users gain valuable support from our partners, customised solutions through one on one calls and awesome insights for our partners which can  help them see how they grow, leverage and succeed more in their markets. When businesses partner with us, they can expect to get more customers.

What are the future plans with the product/startup? Any new features you are planning on?

The startup will continue to grow by adding more team members and we’re starting our funding round.

Yes, we do aim to add more features that can provide our business partners with more clients by making it even easier for users to reach experts. We’ll be adding a new voice search feature very soon and will make the software a more progressive app so that it can be used on all devices without having us spend a lot of money. This will leave enough capital for higher ROI’s and better opportunities to build a software that continues to create phenomenal growth.

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