Tesla launches cheaper Model X and Model S options with less range

Cheaper Model X and Model S options with less range launched by Tesla

Hey there, tech-savvy road trippers and electric enthusiasts! Buckle up, because Tesla’s got a fresh treat for those of you who crave a bit less range on your EV adventures. The company has taken a stroll down memory lane, dusted off its “standard range” trim level, and slapped it back onto its two fanciest models. What’s the scoop? Well, it slices a cool $10,000 off the price tag and shaves off about 80 miles from your EV’s journey capacity.

Picture this: the Model S, the slick sedan that turns heads on the highway, now has a snazzy starting price of $78,490, and it’ll carry you a solid 320 miles on a single charge. Meanwhile, if you’re more of an SUV aficionado, the Model X could be your jam, starting at $88,490 and offering a range of 269 miles.

Now, before you go full Sherlock Holmes on this, let’s break it down a bit more. The Model S used to begin at $88,490 and proudly flaunt 405 miles of range. And the Model X? Well, it was once up for grabs at $98,490 with a range of 348 miles. So yes, they’re trimming the prices and the range, like a fashion makeover for your favorite EVs.

Remember the good old days of 2021? That’s when Tesla packed away the “standard range” option and opted to only sell the extended range and high-performance Plaid kits. But surprise, surprise! It’s back, baby! And here’s the twist: the weight of this new Standard Range trim is playing the same game as the extended range counterpart. What’s that mean? Well, it’s like they both went to the same battery pack gym. The catch might be that Tesla’s playing a software lock game, limiting the range until you decide to pony up for the extra miles.

Zooming out a bit, this move is just another pit stop in Tesla’s whirlwind tour of price changes across the globe. The past year has been a rollercoaster ride for the automaker’s pricing strategy, with the Model Y and Model 3 getting markdowns like they’re on clearance sale. Even the snazzier Model S and Model X got in on the discount dance. But wait, here’s the twist in the road: this time, they’ve bundled up a price cut with a dash of range reduction, making it a first-time deal for Tesla. So, buckle up and enjoy the wild ride of EV price adjustments – it’s like watching a tech-savvy circus on wheels!

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