The Decentralization of Digital Advertising has Begun

When the internet evolved to become the space where human beings started eyeing the most, alongside the television, newspapers, billboards, events and so on, so to followed advertising dollars behind it, with the earliest brands and companies who started using the internet to market themselves gaining significantly in terms of brand recall and value. Today, digital advertising dominates the world for a majority of the population is now receptive (and even used to) to viewing and sharing ads, provided, of course, that the ad is worth their attention and time. 

In the Web 3 world, to which we’re just about transitioning towards, the ethos of decentralization and transparency dictates that users and publishers can deal directly with each other using smart contracts and tokens, instead of value accruing to a third-party. In fact, going even further the ideal vision would be to reward users for viewing and promoting the products that they like, instead of paying people to do so. Digital money helps communities attract the right individuals and rewards genuine value creation. Today’s start-up, Adshares aims to do the same for the Web 3 world, where users have a stake in the well-being of their communities. Below are the excerpts from CEO, Krzysztof Bochenek

What is the crypto venture about? Give us a brief description of it

Adshares is a Web3 protocol for Metaverse space monetization and programmatic advertising. Adshares Adserver platform allows users to rent advertising space inside Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT exhibitions and websites. The monetization of ad space is made on-chain. The project’s goal is to utilize NFTs in order to help promote different products in the Metaverse. Adshares will display ads and art inside, in a decentralized way, to eliminate 3rd parties and cut out the middlemen in advertising contracts which collect substantial fees from both Publishers and Advertisers. Any participant in the ecosystem can own a stake in the network by holding shares in the form of a token ($ADS), which is also used for billing and contracts settlements.

What real life problem does it solve? Is it a problem worth solving using blockchain?

The problem with the digital ad market is that it is heavily monopolized by giants. Adshares protocol allows to create a decentralized ad network that would not be controlled by a single intermediary. The scale is the key, our software is open source and it can really work as the decentralized marketing network worldwide owned by all the participants.

Who are your competitors and how are you different from them?

GoogleAds of course. Adshares, unlike others as a decentralized web3 network, wants to give people authority over their own ads. Our technology is ready to scale up and easily integrates into any space, be it metaverse, games, websites, social media and more.

What is the vision behind the venture? 

Our vision for Adshares is to become the biggest decentralised marketing blockchain governed by DAO.

Tell us about the team. 

The project was created in 2017 through ICO thanks to two brilliant minds of our founders. Since then, with many developers on board, we have managed to create a ready-to-scale product. The team is constantly expanding, this year a new business development, marketing and growth team was established. 

What are the future plans? What’s the roadmap?

The next steps are scaling up the network. Integrating more metaverse projects, blockchain based and online games, social media space and more publisher websites. More and more projects are interested in appearing in the advertising space through Adshares. More and more publishers are coming into space as well. Product development to handle any form of advertising attractive to both parties like 3D objects inside metaverses, NFTs, online art galleries, events and much more.

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